Things began 10 year ago when we were a video conferencing company and competed with some of the biggest names in the world. Our marketing expertise and budgets were inexistent. We learnt, the only way to survive was to make our story heard. For this we started making dozens of sales calls daily. Handling clients requests efficiently was also the key. However, existing sales software just weren’t good enough to keep up with pace we wanted. We had to do something about it. Maxcalling! Started as an excel sheet, then took form of an HTML website, and now available as your mobile app.

Value we offer

Lies in the simplicity and focus on allowing our users to handle more clients than before. Noting every down client requests with ease is also another feature. We want our users spend more time selling than adding details to an app. Plus with our app you’ll never over-sell. The actionable item is visible before you get in touch with a potential client or a prospect We are a diary-like app. As our app grows, you grow with it. Hard work and self-improvement is key. If you use it right, you won’t be even needing our app within a year or two.

Few more words...

Entrepreneurship is an obsession. Watching clients actually noting things down within Maxcalling is the most fulfilling part of this journey. We painstakingly design every screen. Still if you find scope for improvements or a flaw, let us know. We would love to hear from you. We spend hours and hours on catering to feedbacks so that mistakes are not pointed out again. Secret sauce here is that we use Maxcalling to sell Maxcalling, scout for channel partners and even our potential investors. Data is with us 24x7 and secured! Apps been designed in a way that it makes noting down things as quick as possible. Once again sales data is sacrosanct we do not share it with anyone nor do we use to it analyze trends.


Yash Sharma

Yash Sharma

CEO, Founder

The visionary behind Maxcalling, Yash Sharma has been working at his startups for over 13 years now. Crafting software from scratch is the way of this daily coder. He still sells door to door. Yash has been a basketball and squash player. Partying on weekends is the way to unwind for this crazy entrepreneur!

Akshay Shinde

Akshay Shinde

Co-Founder, UX Specialist

Design and aesthetics are the forte of this fine art genius. Akshay's UX/UI began journey 10 years ago first as an Industrial/interaction designer with Siemens Corporate Research, USA, Work involved designing innovating medical devices. Once back in India in 2014, he spends time working with businesses and startups to help build breakthrough design experiences. Akshay's domain expertise lies in HRM, CRM, entertainment, healthcare and m-commerce. Not working, Akshay can be seen improving his illustration/art chops at a local cafe.

Vasant Shetty

Vasant Shetty

Chief Mentor, Board of Advisors

Vasant's constant endeavour as a mentor and an early stage investor helped Maxcalling survive initial jungle every startup faces. He had even helped Yash navigate Livemantra, OTT based technology startup they together co-founded when such technology wasn't made popular! Vasant's experience spans 23 years in areas of data field analytics and corporate digital transformation. He operates out of the Bay Area and holds VP Corporate Strategic Transformation & Execution at Saama Technologies, Inc.

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