Our Journey

Our jounery has been strong. We did a couple of stints before Maxcalling took shape. Each time we took a creation to market, we faced stiff competition from some of the biggest names in business. Maxcallings result of our daily grind.

Our Way

Things we do have a bit of charm in them. You might need to get used to them. But stuff make is made to last. Things that mat just be right for you. We only sell things we believe in.

We do what we love!

Watching you keep this app will be fulling. Our design is riveting. We take care each detail. When you see scope for an improvement or find a flaw, suggest changes. We spend hours catering to feedback. Thing is we use Maxcalling to sell our business!

The team

Yash Sharma

Owner, Yash Sharma

An entrepreneur all his life, he leads charge head on (thats selfie before a sales meet). Maxcalling was started when he ran a video calling company.

Akshay Shinde

Co-Owner, Akshay Shinde (Part time)

The UX guy. Everything you see as an app, the colors, symbols and icons are his decisions. He paints robots and superheroes in spare time.